Toroidal Eye / SuperNova w Garnet Crystal

Toroidal Eye / SuperNova w Garnet Crystal

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While every person can have a unique connection and understanding of each design, to me, Toroidal Eye represents the perfect flow of energy and energy connections so that all moves to the utmost perfection in life. A representation of the Bio-Magnetic, Body-Electric toroidal field that is active in / through / and around us at all times.

Toroidal Eye or SuperNova is a Sacred Geometrically inspired 22 ray rendition as seen from above. The center of "eye" represents the heart center of the toroid, which produces the largest Bio-Magnetic field around the human body, and basically in all living organisms. 22 is a unique Master Architect number, also the same number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet and paths or channels in the Tree of Life.

Red Garnet is one of the most powerful stones for the heart, sacral and root chakras. Helping stimulate and balance sexual drive, creativity, vitality and passion, it is protective and curative, helps ground spirit on the physical plane. 

This is the stone that is traditionally given upon graduation and if it weren't for marketing, would be the stone given at weddings since it is a stone of dedication, excellence and commitment. 

- All pieces are made using Sacred Geometric principle and proportions.

- Comes with an affirmation / blessing to program your personal piece.

- Cast with Pewter, these pieces are 49 grams (or 1.7oz) each. About 2" across.

- Comes with a Black Satin Twist Necklace in 18" length.

Each piece is a one of a kind in the sense that they all have their own unique perfect imperfections due to the rustic nature and production of each individual piece. We hope you enjoy your Beee Art piece and that it brings you much happiness and many blessings.