Inner Cubes / Rooms

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This Hexagonal Grid format is a perfect tool to use as you peer into the geometric nature of form. Geometry, lines, patterns and connections come to light as you gaze into this unique piece. 

The unique colors help to calm and explore looking within. You could often see further in, around and behind spaces in several ways. 

This specific piece is 24 x 24 but you can get it in whatever size you'd like. 

Please note * - Colors vary depending on medium since RGB prints as CMYK. Many works will have darker colors than in RGB, specifically on canvas or board. The acrylics, however, can be printed in a metallic paper which keeps the luminosity of the original colors much better than any other straight solid medium. Also, these pieces are made in such a way that they are not polished and perfect.  As geometric as they may be, they are somewhat rustic. The smaller the piece, the less obvious this is with the lines.