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The full name of this piece is "Cubicus Metatronicus Exponentius" or MetaCubes for short. 

While every person can have a unique connection and understanding of each design, to me, MetaCubes represents the birth and expansion of the divine within, like a box that is ever unfolding with the gifts of blessings and manifestation. MetaCubes shares many points geometrically with the Flower of Life.

Notice the cubes seem to expand in waves and grow outward in perfect proportion from the center or heart center, a 6 triangle star, and in 6 directions as it seems to keep opening. The 6 triangle star represents the divine masculine (upward) and the divine feminine (downward), joined in perfect equilibrium while synergistically and proportionately radiating outward.

- All pieces are made using Sacred Geometric principle and proportions.

- Comes with an affirmation / blessing to program your personal piece.

- Cast with Pewter, these pieces are 49 grams (or 1.7oz) each. About 2.25" across. 

- Comes with a Black Satin Twist Necklace in 18" length.

Each piece is a one of a kind in the sense that they all have their own unique perfect imperfections due to the rustic nature and production of each individual piece. We hope you enjoy your Beee Art piece and that it brings you much happiness and many blessings.